The Lynx Collection

Inspired by Freyja, known from Norse Mythology, VICTORIA SENKPIEL explores the Lynx, the animal companion of this warrior goddess that aided Freyja to win her battles through its power of vision and foresight. Extrapolating ‘foresight’ from its attributes and contextualising it in the natural habitat of the Lynx in Scandinavia, The Secret of the Lynx Collection is a multi-dimensional tribute to this magnificent animal.


In the Collection, one is taken on a journey through the rocky landscape of the Lynx’s existence to the alluring winter landscape of the ever-mysterious Aurora Borealis. Handpicking innovative and high quality Italian leathers, the designer is unique in featuring stone crystals that are mounted on leather, and placed on the heel of her designer silhouettes. The overarching colour palette features darker tones and is contrasted to the light coloured winter fur coat of grey and white that characterises the Lynx.
The Lynx Collection, with the Tuxedo Loafer and the Forest Pump as the capsule pieces, is for the woman who seeks to radiate her individual mystery and unique charisma.
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