The Story of the Wolf Pump

'I created the Wolf Pump for the Woman who is the leader of her own life - the leader of the pack.'
Having spent numerous visits traveling to Africa on beautiful safaris in South Africa and Namibia, I reflected upon the use of the African animals in the Fashion Industry. The leopard, the zebra, the cheetah print - all being used in both haute couture and high street fashion, season over and over.
Turning my focus to Scandinavia, and our Nordic animals, the wolf caught my attention, being a highly controversially discussed animal in society. A burden for the reindeer farmers in Northern Scandinavia and a hunted beauty for its uniqueness and victory.
The wolf leads its pack and is a social animal. It takes strength to lead a pack - that is leadership worth meriting. And because of that, I created the Wolf Pump - a shoe that aspires to empower its owner - the strong female who leads her own life and is a natural inspiration to those in her surroundings and beyond. 
I selected one woman as the first ambassador of the Wolf Pump - Her Majesty Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. It was an honour and a dream come true when she wore the Wolf Pump on official state visit in November 2015.
So my question is - are you the next woman, bold and authentic to the bone - ready to make your mark with the Wolf Pump?
I am sure you are. 
Victoria Senkpiel
You can read more about the Wolf Pump here