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Our Philosophy

'Because every woman deserves a great pair of shoes for when the going gets tough.'


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Walk with confidence

Luxurious, hand-made statement pieces that are current, timeless and made with the best Italian ethically-sourced leathers.

Whatever the situation from home to work to an evening out or your wedding, we make you walk with confidence and endless comfort.

The Spirit of the Blue Soles

Every woman deserves her very own blue carpet of victory that empowers her for every courageous step she takes through out the day.

Let your blue soles carry you - every day.

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Does the following statement resonate with you? 'I always had it in me, I just didn't think I could'. If it does, then these shoes are for you.


All our designs are made in limited quantities and made on demand. We source the finest leathers from ethical tanneries in Italy. Our designs are timeless and last a lifetime. They are designed in our Atelier in Stockholm, Sweden and made by hand with the fines artisanal craftmanshop in Northern Italy.


'I love wearing my VS shoes'

'The long-lasting comfort, beautiful design and the unique story-telling behind each design empowers me in every situation. Be prepared to turn heads with these blue soles.'

Janine C.