The Wolf Pump


'I created the Wolf Pump for the woman who is the leader of her own life - the leader of the pack.'

Having spent numerous visits traveling to Southern Africa, Victoria reflected upon the use of African animals in the fashion industry. The leopard, zebra, cheetah - their prints being used season over season from haute couture to high street fashion.

Turning her focus to Scandinavia and Nordic animals, the wolf caught Victoria's attention, being a highly profiled animal full of contrasts. A burden for the reindeer farmers in Northern Scandinavia, hunted for its uniqueness and victorious spirit. A loner, as well as a member of its pack.

The wolf leads its pack and is a social animal. It takes strength to lead a pack - that is leadership worth meriting. And because of that, the Wolf Pump was created - a shoe that aspires to empower its owner - the strong female who leads her own life and is a natural inspiration to those in her surroundings and beyond.

Victoria selected one woman as the first ambassador of the Wolf Pump - Her Majesty Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. It was an honour and a dream come true when the Crown Princess wore the Wolf Pump on official state visit. Since then Victoria Senkpiel's shows have walked the Oscars Red Carpet and been visible on several high profile women in fashion and business.

See the Wolf Pump in media here